National Stair Climb for Fallen Firefighters

FF Justin Micozzi & Stephanie Wowk
FF Justin Micozzi & Stephanie Wowk

Truck Buddies

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Volunteer Firefighters Stephanie Wowk and Justin Micozzi are proud members of the Saint James Fire Department. Stephanie, a member of Heavy Rescue Co. 9, and Justin, a member of Hook & Ladder Co.7, met through the fire service and are now truck buddies for life! <3

As a member of Heavy Rescue Co. 9 in the Saint James Volunteer Fire Department in St. James, L.I., I will also be climbing to honor my father, Nicholas Wowk of Engine 316 FDNY. He courageously responded to the call of a terrorist attack on that faitful day while off-duty and remained at ground zero for weeks, all while his wife and kids anxiously waited by the phone for his call letting us know he was safe. Now retired due to 9/11 related health complications, I hope to show my appreciation and gratitude towards my fathers' efforts, passion, and 24 years devoted to the job that he loved.

Love you so much Daddy
- Stephanie Wowk

As a member of St. James Fire Department Eagle Hook and Ladder Co. 7, I will be climbing to honor all of the first responders and victims of the Septemeber 11th, 2001 attacks who lost their life, as well as those who have passed away as a result of post 9/11 symptoms. My father Steven Micozzi along with his two brothers Matthew and Dennis were all NYPD police officers and served honorably during their time in New York City. I hope to honor their legacy and show my grattitude for all of their hard work and sacrifice throughout their years of protecting and serving the community.
- Justin Micozzi

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